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Image 1-1. S&U owner Rick Spano overlooks Colburn coal mine, I. Ripov open pit mine, the Lennon Farm, and the town of Anachron in the Fraser Valley. See the Colburn Mine coal loader in action.

Image 1-2. Operating pile driver and bridge crane in Port Allen with Multi-City in the background. A loaded BN coal train heads west to Anachron Yard rotary car dumper. See the pile driver in action.

Image 1-3. The Bridge Crane at Port Allen is fully functional. See the bridge crane in action.

Image 1-4. While Amtrak passengers board the Empire Builder on the lower level of Union Station in Multi-City, a BN coal train passes through the upper level of the station and over Port Allen in the foreground.

Image 1-5. View of Multi-City from the John Allen Memorial Bridge over Undecided.

Image 1-6. BN coal train crossing a CN grain train at George's Gorge, with Bloody Fist River in the foreground and Silver Falls in the background.

Image 1-7. CP Rail bearing an Expo Special scheme emerges from the snow shed near George's Gorge.

Image 1-8. CP Rail SD40-2's cross the wooden trestle at Smith Falls on their way unload their train of coal cars at the rotary car dumper in Anachron yard.

Image 1-9. An operating crane loads stone onto flats at Rick's Rocks near Anachron yard. See the crane in action.

Image 1-10. CP Rail coal train, headed to Anachron Yard, and S&U ore train, headed to Freytag Steel Mill, pass each other on the stone viaduct and steel trestle at Sceniced.

Image 1-11. Not really a cornfield meet! The two S&U locos are on separate tracks. The heavy Pacific is on the high line steel trestle and the elephant-eared loco is on the stone arch viaduct.

Image 1-12. Another view of the same trains, with Kingsley Observatory on Picyk's Peak. Both trestle and viaduct at Sceniced have been rebuilt twice.

Image 1-13. Double steam at Sceniced.

Image 1-14. A well-kept shay rumbles across a short trestle on its way into Undecided, while a pair of fishermen try their luck below. The fellow in the lower left corner of the photo appears to have caught something, as his rod jerks up and down. See the fisherman in action.

Image 1-15. The shay pulls up to the Burgoff's Brewery and announces its arrival with a blast of its whistle. A bunch of fellows on the loading dock appear to be having a blast of their own.

Image 1-16. S&U 0-4-0 116 is ready to pick up a Heinz vinegar car on the siding behind the freshly painted pickle works in Undecided. The abandoned grain mill tucked under a span of the John Allen Memorial Viaduct was scratchbuilt by David K. Smith when he was a teenager. Despite the oversized window mullions, his wonderful creative artistic talents were very evident to me and I wanted to preserve the personal history between us.

Image 1-17. Evening shift at the R.C. Cycle Company in the town of Undecided. See the cycle shop in action.

Image 1-18. An early CP Rail coal bath tub gon is unloaded by S&U Rota Tilt car dumper at Anachron Yard. It won't be long before that pretty Action Red paint scheme becomes blackened by the coal dust. See the dumper in action.

Image 1-19. A CP Rail train stretches the length of the town of Anachron.

Image 1-20. The eclectic assortment of vehicles found in bustling downtown Anachron illustrate how the town got its name.

Image 1-21. The top of Smith Falls offers a dramatic view of the bridges and McFalls Canyon below.

Image 1-22. The elevated parking lot behind the Multi-City Union Station sees a lot of traffic.

Image 1-23. The Multi-City Union Station is as busy as it is big.

Image 1-24. Laube station.

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